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4 Reasons Catamarans Are Great for Family Cruising

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One of the most important choices you're going to make when chartering a boat is whether you want a monohull or a catamaran, and that decision is even more significant if you're going with your family. Most people only know about speed, and it's absolutely true that a catamaran is going to be faster than nearly any cruising monohull. That said, there are many advantages beyond speed that should be particularly persuasive for those cruising with their family. 

Here are four of those advantages.

1. Catamarans Are Extremely Safe    

Since a catamaran has two hulls instead of one, it's far more stable than any monohull. In fact, it's practically impossible to capsize a catamaran, and this provides exceptional peace of mind when you're out with your family. Even if you were to hole a catamaran, it probably wouldn't sink since they don't have the heavy keel of a monohull — their natural buoyancy makes sinking extremely unlikely.

2. Catamarans Are Very Stable

The stability provided by two hulls isn't just great for safety, but it also makes a boat much easier to walk around. While a monohull will often heel significantly to port or starboard while underway or when hit by a wave, a catamaran will remain fairly level. This is great when you're travelling with family members who are either more prone to seasickness or more likely to trip and fall, such as young children and seniors. Even tasks like making dinner in the galley will be easier without having to deal with the swaying of a monohull.

3. Catamarans Offer Plenty of Space

Monohulls might be great for solo sailors or couples, but they can start to get crowded when you're bringing the whole family. That shouldn't be an issue with a catamaran. The layout over two hulls generally provides far more space both inside and out. That means everything from a larger saloon to a larger cockpit, plus more sunbathing space on deck. The trampoline netting found at the front of most catamarans should prove particularly popular.

4. Catamarans Provide Unbeatable Privacy

Having space for the whole family is one thing, but it's also nice to give everyone their privacy. That's going to be attractive whether you're travelling with teenagers who like to stay up late or with young ones who need to get to bed early. A catamaran works well because living areas are split between the two hulls with the living space in between them.

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