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Two Reasons Why People Love Spacious Hotel Suites

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Hotel suites are normally quite large. Here are a couple of reasons why people love staying in this type of spacious accommodation.

They can overpack without this spoiling any aspect of their accommodation

There are some people who cannot help but overpack when they go away on a trip. Those who, for example, love fashion, might prefer to have multiple outfit options for each day of their trip. These individuals tend to love staying in large hotel suites, as they can take their overstuffed suitcases to these suites without worrying that they'll spoil some aspect of their accommodation.

For example, if a person overpacks and stays in a compact hotel room, they'll probably find the (usually modest-sized) hotel wardrobe or chest of drawers won't accommodate all of their numerous outfits. This might result in them having to drape clothes over the hotel room's chairs and bathroom door, or even having to leave some garments in a pile at the end of their bed. Even if the hotel room is nicely decorated and in a scenic location, this clutter could spoil its ambience and make it less pleasant to stay in. From a practical perspective, it could also result in the hotel guest finding that many of their clothes end up wrinkled or that they end up spilling drinks or make-up on them, due to not having enough room in the wardrobe or drawers to store them.

In contrast, if a person like this stays in a typical hotel suite that is spacious and bears a closer resemblance to an apartment than a room (in terms of its size and its facilities), they'll have a lot more storage space than they would in a typical hotel room and won't need to resort to putting their beloved outfits in random areas where these items might give their accommodation a cluttered appearance or end up being damaged.

They can invite visitors over without worrying that there'll be nowhere for them to sit

Another reason why people enjoy staying in big hotel suites is that they can easily invite visitors over for a few drinks or a chat. Whilst technically, it's possible to do this in a hotel room, it's rarely a comfortable or relaxing experience, due to the average hotel room's modest size and lack of seating. If a person invites, for example, four friends over to their hotel room, one of them might be able to sit on the hotel room's single chair, whilst the others might have to make do with perching on the side of the dressing table or the edges of the bed.

Conversely, spacious hotel suites often come equipped with full-sized sofas and armchairs, as well as dining tables and dining chairs. As such, if a person who is staying in this accommodation feels like inviting some friends over for cocktails, they can provide their guests with comfortable, cushioned seating that will allow them to totally relax and enjoy themselves.

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