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Two Reasons Why People Love Spacious Hotel Suites

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Hotel suites are normally quite large. Here are a couple of reasons why people love staying in this type of spacious accommodation. They can overpack without this spoiling any aspect of their accommodation There are some people who cannot help but overpack when they go away on a trip. Those who, for example, love fashion, might prefer to have multiple outfit options for each day of their trip. These individuals tend to love staying in large hotel suites, as they can take their overstuffed suitcases to these suites without worrying that they’ll spoil some aspect of their accommodation. Read More»

4 Reasons Catamarans Are Great for Family Cruising

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One of the most important choices you’re going to make when chartering a boat is whether you want a monohull or a catamaran, and that decision is even more significant if you’re going with your family. Most people only know about speed, and it’s absolutely true that a catamaran is going to be faster than nearly any cruising monohull. That said, there are many advantages beyond speed that should be particularly persuasive for those cruising with their family. Read More»