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Why COVID-19 Does Not Mean You Can't Still Enjoy A Holiday

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While overseas travel still looks a little bit dicey, with many countries struggling to keep COVID-19 in check, there is still plenty of opportunities for a holiday at home, here in the UK. In fact, many local tours are back up and running, providing you with the perfect opportunity to explore the United Kingdom like you never have before. It is easy to forget just how many great historical sites exist in virtually every town and hamlet, and often overseas tourists end up seeing more of the UK than local residents. Here is why you should consider going on one of the many town tours that are back up and running.

Easy To Book

Unlike in years gone past, there is very little competition for spots on these domestic town tours. While this is a huge problem for the tourism industry in general, it does provide an excellent opportunity for you to get a bargain. Many places are offering great discounts or added incentives to book with them like food and gift vouchers. Your visit will be welcomed by many people in the tourism sector which has probably been hit the hardest with the steep decline in international travel. If you have a place in mind that always seemed interesting but you could never justify it before, now is the perfect time.

Learn About Your Past

If your family has lived in England for generations then it can be a good idea to connect with your past through town tours. If you know whereabouts your family was originally from it would be very easy to find town tours of that particular area. As mentioned above, almost every town in the UK has some historical significance that justifies the tours that run through them. Getting to know more about your ancestor's lives can help put into perspective where you are now and many people find inspiration from these tours.


Of course, it wouldn't be much of a holiday if it was all walking around the streets of these historical sites. Accommodation in town tours is often found in lovely bed and breakfasts that have large, traditional beds. There are also dozens of restaurants that provide a more hearty meal than you can find at a fast-food shop. Also, because you aren't travelling overseas, there is no need to worry about flights or long trips or about figuring out how to get data on your phone when you are away. All the benefits of going on vacation with very few of the restraints.